VETTO brake disc rotor is made from the same exacting standard as OE. From furnace temperature, to chemical composition of iron ore, and to the sand used for the mold, all elements in the production process are carefully controlled and monitored. VETTO brake disc rotors are designed to retain its maximum disc strength and also to prevent premature brake pad wear while maintaining stopping power. The specially designed cooling fins in ventilated VETTO brake discs rotors creates more air flow through the entire disc rotors ensure quick heat dissipation.


With such rigorous effort taken, the quality standards in VETTO brake disc rotors are assured for superior braking performance and comfort.


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  • Digitally balanced and machined in one single process for reduced instances of steering wheel vibrations

  • Cross hatched for better adhesion between brake pads and brake disc rotors

  • Special metal alloy with excellent thermal conductivity avoid extreme temperature built up

  • Precise machining with low DTV reduces excessive disc rotor wear and vibration