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VETTO was launched into the market almost a decade ago in Singapore by a company motivated by a conviction that brake parts should be consistently reliable without any compromised on quality. While there are many aftermarket brands, many are of mediocre quality with poor braking performance. Being a crucial safety component in the overall braking system, compromising on the quality of brake parts has a detrimental impact on safety. VETTO therefore aims to bridge the gap by offering drivers an alternative choice, apart from original manufacturers and OEM brands,without compromising on braking performance                                                                                                             With decades of experience in trading automotive parts, the team behind VETTO set forth on a mission to assemble a braking solution programme with an impressive and comprehensive product line-up. Since the first piece of VETTO brake pad was sold in the market, VETTO range of products has been expanded to include brake disc rotors, brake shoes, brake linings and hydraulic parts such as brake master cylinders, brake wheel cylinders, clutch master and slave cylinders. The range of VETTO brake pads now includes premium and racing segments to cater to the more sophisticated drivers.  
                                                                                       VETTO is now widely recognized as one of the top aftermarket brand in braking products from Singapore. From Singapore, VETTO has expanded its footprint to include other countries in South East Asia, Greater China, Russia, Japan, South Asia, the Pacific Islands, Central America, Africa and Middle East.

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