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VETTO has demonstrated time and time again a commitment to ongoing product development and range expansion. This has been and will always be a philosophy that will help VETTO stay ahead of its competitors.


VETTO products are engineered at state-of-the art facilities using the latest material engineering and automated technology to ensure consistently high standards of quality and reliability. VETTO products are produced in manufacturing facilities that are accredited with ISO, TS and QS quality systems and are manufactured to close reference to OEM parts in critical dimensions and specifications.


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As automobile technology improves and performance of vehicles advances, the market demands of OE quality braking solution increases. VETTO therefore continuously partners our supply chain in improving the specifications of the friction materials and refining the metallurgy behind VETTO products. Each VETTO products are subject to various testing methodology during the research and development stage. VETTO products are regularly sent to independent testing laboratories in USA, Japan and Europe to be tested according to International Safety Standards. A selection of VETTO brake pads even conforms to the ECE R90 certifications.


Besides laboratory testing, every VETTO products are put to real life situations such as start-stop, freeway and descent conditions to inspect consistency of braking performance across temperature range. In addition to braking performance, VETTO products are also examine for noise, comfort and durability levels before it is considered to be fit for mass production.