VETTO offers a comprehensive range of quality and reliable brake pads. Depending on your preference, there is a suitable VETTO brake pad to suit your vehicles type, style of driving and road condition. The friction material used in the manufacturing of VETTO brake pads are specially formulated with the latest engineering technology and are extensively tested for its performance and quality.


  • Comfortable and smooth braking

  • Quieter and cleaner

  • Constant pedal feel

  • Less wear on brake disc rotors

  • Good performance in all driving conditions.

  • Made for daily commuting within city or suburban areas

  • Immediate stopping power

  • Consistent braking efficiency throughout driving duration

  • Less noise and dust

  • Last longer with low wear rate

  • Prolong life of disc rotors

  • Excellent performance under extreme driving conditions

  • Made for drivers with moderate or heavy driving style

  • Specifically developed for high start-stop frequency

  • Instantaneous stopping power with shorter braking distance

  • Excellent pedal feel with quick heat dissipation properties

  • No bedding-in period required

  • Suitable for those who need maximum braking performance and accuracy

  • Made for high performance and high speed cars